5 Fashion Musts

Hello, painters!

We – Paulo and Luísa -don’t give a fuck to fashion. We dress what we want, when we want and to impress (or not) who we want. Although we, as fashionistas to be, allow certain rules.

So this post is about the 5 items that every men and women should have in their closet. However, feel free to, with this basis, give it your personal identity, taste and uniqueness.


1. White shirt                                                                  2. Black dress

whiteshirtgirl                                iuh

        3. High heels


4. Blazer                                                                             5. Blue jeans

blazer                              bluejeansgirl


1. White shirt                                                                2. Black jeans



    3. Blue jeans


4. Blue denim shirt                                               5. Basic monocolor t-shirt

11304541_10205179874190015_1075365306_n                    11358813_10205179874430021_452824186_n

This is how to start. Now shall you be crazy, creative and fashion forward. Get inspired and be an inspiration. Be bohemian or be classy. Be a rock star or be a math teacher.But be yourself. Wear this necessary white shirts with some leather pants or rock a ton of necklaces over a needful black dress.

The sky isn’t any longer the limit.


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