Summing Up – Mastering Time

summing Hello painters! Since our exams are starting really soon, me and Luís have been trying to manage our time correctly – to study when needed and to rest every once in a while. So we decided to bring you guys some of our tips (they really work, okay?), which can be applied to pretty much everything – from exams to projects, if you need to control your time, you should follow some of these advices. 1.Tackle your exams as hard as you can I use this one a lot and for a good reason: it helps you get a really good grade in your first test. It is a very simple plan, all you have to do is STUDY A LOT for your first test; however this will only work if you know in which days you will have a test or exam and if you KNOW that you can have a good grade in the following ones. 2.Clean your work place If you can’t think properly when you have loads of problems, you also can’t work well when you have a work place full of trash, papers and things that distract you. Place everything on disposal boxes, clean up that trash and organize your papers. Only afterwards you’ll be able to work correctly. 3. Prioritise If you have too much information and deadlines on your hands, stop and decide what is more important at the moment. Write down everything you need and decide what do to first. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work you have on your hands but try to divide it into manageable chunks, to make the work more effecient, 4. When to rest Resting your mind is as important as studying! In the first days of study you shouldn’t stay at home all day looking at books – you should study only some hours (like 4), specially if you have a lot of time before your exam. As it’s day approaches you may want to study all afternoon and rest after dinner. HOWEVER in the last day of study you SHOULD NOT study. The last day is to give quick revisions on what you have difficulties, spend 2 hours or 3 studying this and you should be prepared. After you do an exam that day is a resting day: you did your job, take some time now. 5. Control your emotions Step away from the workload, catch your breath and calm down. As Luís said on tip 4#, resting your mind is as important as your job. Sometimes you need to stop pushing yourself into work and to rest for a while – this will make your mind more effiecent once you’ve started again, since it’s fresh and calm. You should also know your flaws and when to act. My biggest flaw is the stomach. I can avoid eating and not feeling hungry for a whole day (ending with  weight loss of 3kgs on my finals) but I can also eat 3 packs of Cheetos in 30minutes of studying geography. This isn’t healthy and I consciously know it, I just can’t avoid it. What I’ve been doing is cleaning my body before the exams start. I’ve been drinking loads of water, eating healthy non-gluten food and lots of salad. With this preparation, my body will be cleaned and detoxed (does this word even exist?) for the ‘battle’. Well guys this is all that we can offer you right now. We really hope that it helps you and if it didn’t then at least have entertained you. Until next time, stay awesome!

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