Chilling out, the brazilian way

Hey painters, and welcome to another Tuesday post by yours truly!

With all the stress I’m going through due to the end of a very heavy semester, I’m always looking for another way to chill out a little bit. Since I can’t really afford getting a spa treatment everyday, I have to make ends meet with the coach, a cup of tea and some lovely, calm, free (bless the Internet!) music. There are a few different artists and genres that I use to do this, but one I thought I should share with you, considering you probably haven’t heard about it, is MPB!

What is MPB, though?

MPB stands for “Música Popular Brasileira”, which literally translates to Popular Brazilian Music, and it comes from the more known “Bossa Nova”, that typical Brazilian, mellow sound you may be more used to hearing. It had a very large impact in the ’60s, then in the ’90s – and it’s gotten popular again, with a new movement called “Nova MPB” (literally “New MPB”, which is kind of ironic for how uncreative it is, unlike the music itself). These new artists mixed up the style a little bit, and they have influences from rock, samba, pop, indie, etc. Their music genres can be very different from one another, but what I can tell you is that all their lyrics are priceless! If you get a chance, definitely look up lyric translations and such 🙂

We have a very diverse group coming up, let’s get started!

Los Hermanos

This is the typical ’90s Brazilian band, and every current teenager can sing this song’s chorus by heart, both here in Portugal, as well as in Brazil. The rest of the band’s songs are a bit less rock and more laid back, and apparently very good! They have to be, because the genius Marcelo Camelo had a lot to do with writing them. He’s one of the biggest names in MPB, and has one of the most calm voices you can imagine. Although not in this rock ballad, called Anna Júlia 😉


This is mostly an unknown band, and I only learned about them from one of my closest friends, who happens to be Brazilian (as well as the culprit for me knowing about MPB in the first place). Their sound is a lot more calm, definitely more melancholic, and their lyrics are just the cutest things. These songs can teleport you back to your childhood, all while making you feel both melancholic and happy and playful! My favorite song from them is about summer and it’s in Spanish (’cause you know, why not):

A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade

This band’s name literally means “The prettiest band in town” – and honestly, they really are! Their songs have more of a rock feel to them, which is great when I’m in need of a catchier beat. Their lyrics are usually very close to poems and have some really cool metaphors! Oração is definitely one of them, it talks about how the heart is bigger than what you might think: it can fit love, 3 whole lives and a vanity table! Bet you didn’t see that one coming 😉

Clarice Falcão

And since we’re talking about surprising lyrics, we absolutely have to talk about Clarice’s lyrics – they are humorous, punny and full of wit. She’s an excellent comedy actress, but she also has a wonderful voice, so she combined both her talents and ended up with the most original album you can think of! One of my favorites of the album is a duet she did with Silva, and it’s about a couple talking about the day they first met and how they both swear they can remember every single detail – except they keep contradicting each other. Guess we’ll never know which one of them is right!

Mallu Magalhães

Finally, we have my favorite MPB artist ever, Mallu. She started her career on Youtube, when she was about 15 or so, and her talent made her instantly famous! Her voice is very quiet and calm, plus she can play the guitar, the piano and whistle like no other. Very multi talented! 😉 She’s also married to Marcelo Camelo, and their love is the sweetest thing in the world, not to mention it has inspired a ton of songs by the both of them. Watching them play together is like watching magic happen, I swear. Her last album, Pitanga, is perfect for chilling out and kicking off a new day with a smile on your face! Here’s Sambinha Bom, one of those love songs between the two of them.

BONUS: Banda do Mar

I’ve already shared a few songs by “The Band of the Sea” (thumbs up for my literal translations, guys!) in our last “The Playlist” monthly post, but I’m currently obsessed with their album’s relaxing, laid back tunes, that truly do make you feel like you are floating in the sea, without a care in the world. Ain’t nothing in this world that relaxes me as much as the sea, so you can see why I’m so in love with them! Here’s one of the most beautiful lyrics of the album, Faz Tempo.

To finish off, I’ll leave you with two lists (list 1; list 2) of other New MPB artists, including Cícero, Marcelo Jeneci, Silva and Tiago Iorc.

Here’s one last song, another duet by Clarice Falcão and Silva – but without the humor this time -, that will hopefully make your week go by a lot more calmly!

Stay awesome – and chill,



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