A little bookhaul


Hello painters, have a great sunday! The good weather has finally arrived here in Porto (about time, don’t you think? My legs think so too). Before showing you guys my latest shelf additions, I wanted to clear some things up. As you’ve seen, we have a new member, Magda! She’ll be posting on Fridays, 2 posts per month (hopefully, she’ll start to post more soon). The other good news is the fact that Paulo and Luísa will be posting from now on EVERY Saturday,yeeey! Team Yellow is getting bigger and bigger, I’m so proud of these folks. Well, don’t want to get lame so it’s better if I start showing you my new babies (they are kind of my babies,yes).

20150523_113044 20150523_113055

I bought 2 portuguese books and last week I recieved 2 english books. The portuguese ones are from 2 very famous portuguese contemporary writers: valter hugo mãe and Afonso Cruz (those lins will lead you to more information about them). I’ve never read anything from them so I decided to give it a go! These covers are absolutely gorgeous and I wish I could tell you guys more about them but only now they’re being translated to other languages, like spanish.


The two english books I recieved are from James Rollins and Harper Lee. I’m also very excited to read these books, since Bloodline seems kind of Dan Brown’s type of book and To kill a Mockingbird... Well. I might be the only person in the world that hasn’t read it yet. I’ve heard of this book for years and only recieved it now. I have really big expectations over these books.


What about you guys? Have you been buying some books? If so, comment bellow! We would love to hear from you!



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