Summing Up – All the News in 3 Lines or so #1


Hello Painters, how are you doing? Me and Luís thought it would be a good idea to bring news here every now and then. We’re no experts in politics or so but we’re interested in what surrounds us and since we’ve already talked about these type of subjects, it wouldn’t be bad to bring more! This category is called ‘All the News in 3 Lines or so’. The challenge? To bring you bits of the world without using many words!

1)This is more a national phenomenon but basically there has been a very strong support against bullying here in Portugal – praise everyone that is fighting against this sad event and keep strong, in case you’ve suffered from it;
2) These new migration escapes are being bigger and more often nowadays. No one seems to give enough support to stop them! When will the ‘developed countries’ truly help these refugees, instead of keeping them in shelters?;
3)Nepal was struck by a second earthquake. Unfortunally they were still recovering from the first one and for some reason the donations have stopped for a while so please if you can afford it, try to donate and help these poor people;
4) Greece is a complete DISASTER right now, they only have 2 weeks to choose between a new debt or bankruptcy, if they do not choose debt it will be a big lose to the european union as we were not able to help them further
What do you guys think about these news? Any opinion about these current events?
The Summing Up Team

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