5 pins I love… Decoration

ddsHello painters, how are you doing? I’ve been dreaming a lot about decoration (more than I should) while studying for my final exams. My house is being painted all white and we’re buying some new furniture while trying to make something extraordinary out of the one that we have. Although I live here and I’ve never lived in another house, this one doesn’t feel like my own at all – maybe because I don’t love the decoration that my mother has? Either way, I’ve been dreaming to have my own little nice and confortable space, where I can decorate it the way I want to! I’ve decided to share some of my favourite decoration ideas and pics!

i) Let’s just say that I really need that curtain shower – how badass can it be?!

ii) This might be the easiest DIY box I’ve ever seen. Plus, it’s cheap and entertaining to do!

iii) Bow to the donut wall! Trust me, I doesn’t get cuter than this.

iv) This color-blocked rope lamp is so beautiful and minimalist, I want to try to do it so badly!

v)Do you have any extra plastic spoons over your place? Time to make a spoon mirror.

What do you all think of these gorgeous pins? If you’re wandering what I’ve been keeping an eye on, you can follow me on Pinterest.

If you have any pins you want to share, please do!



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