Sofia’s 5 Beauty Products


Hello painters! I decided to finally write you guys a beauty review, so to start, I have 5 beauty products that I’ve been using and that I’d like to tell you about.


5. Bontë’s Facial Exfoliant

I’ve been using this one for over a month, actually, and it’s over now (note to self: buy a new one!). It’s an everyday facial exfoliant, so it’s not very aggressive for your skin and it’s very fresh – it will definitely make you feel awake in the morning! If you have oily skin like mine and a propensity for light acne, I definitely recommend an everyday exfoliant. The best part about Bontë’s products is that they have quality, but they come at a cheap price. Friendly for your skin, but also for you wallet. 😉


4. Garnier’s BB Cream: Miracle Skin Perfector

Now we have the BB Cream that I’ve been using for the last six months or so (I know, so long!!!) – and it’s no close to ending! Why, you may ask? Well, I’m sure Garnier meant for their BB Cream to be an everyday must, you know, with all its functions, like hydrating your skin, functioning as a primer/foundation, helping with the scaring process, possibly being a sun filter… It’s just a multitasker, like that! But it doesn’t really do much of those things for me. I like wearing every now and then, because it does work as a primer, but forget the hydration – it’s very oily and instead of hydrating the skin, it just worsens my acne. Miracle Skin Perfector? I think not, Garnier, I think not.


3. My Label’s Compact Powder

This one is a new product that I’ve recently bought and haven’t had much chance of wearing a lot yet (I still have another compact powder package to go through). But I have worn it a day or two, and it already feels like a great review! The color and texture is better on my skin than the one I’m using right now, and the little powder puff that comes with it is just perfect – both in texture and in design. And a bonus: the packaging comes with a small mirror you can use in case of a make-up emergency! 😉


2. Nivea’s Day Hydrating Cream

Another new product that I’ve been using daily for barely a week and, yet, I’m already loving! For a moisturizer (and although it’s recommend for normal to mixed skins, not oily ones), it’s very light and fresh and it doesn’t make your skin feel oily in the slightest. There’s actually a feel to it that makes me feel like it’s acting on my acne, which is always a big plus. Thumbs up for Aqua Effect! 😉


1. KIKO’s Definition Waterproof Eyeliner

Last, but definitely not least, is my favorite eyeliner ever – and, without a doubt, the best one I’ve ever owned. I’ve been using it for a couple of a months, although I don’t use it regularly (for people who do, maybe it being so small could be a problem). But I recently went out for the whole night (livin’ la vida loca in Queima Week, like the other Team Yellow members have told you about!) and it didn’t smudge in the slightest! It still looked like I had just put it on when I finally took it off, more than 12 hours later. This baby right here got me loving liquid eyeliners and, now, I’m never going back to pencils. No sir, no smudges for me, thank you!


That’s a little sum up of the most interesting beauty products I’ve been using lately, hope it helps you guys with your beauty routines – without breaking the bank.

Stay awesome,



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