Paint Me Sunday – Be an Encourager

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Happy Sunday, guys! I missed writing for Paint Me Sunday, I really did. This category really makes me feel like I’m at home. A little space where I can talk about pretty much everything and to bring happiness to you all. Today I thought it would be a good idea to talk about encouraging other people to take their best shot and to fight for it – this can also be applied for you all, little painters. The last couple of days have been really stressful and got way too many bad news at the same time. I really felt like I needed to encourage myself to move forward and to make the best of it (not that there’s a lot to do about it but…let us hope!).

1)Talking isn’t the same as doing We all do this, don’t even try to lie and say ‘I don’t’! Before starting a project or even an afteroon of study (nope,nope), we all decide to share this information with your friends, family, on Twitter,Instagram,Facebook… And you’ll take snaps while studying, eventually. Even if your intentions are good and you really want to make it happen, you have to stop talking and actually start working on it! Don’t make up excuses like ‘I don’t have time’ or  ‘I don’t have money’ – everything is possible,you just need to adjust it to your own life.

2) Yes to critics, no to judgements – You know who judges everyday? The judge. Yes, the guy/woman that analyses crimes and thinks ‘hmm, should I send him/her to jail or not’. We’re not judges so we don’t make judgements. A constructive critic is crucial for a project, since we need those opinions from someone that isn’t involved on the certain aspect/project of your life – they can clear our doubtful path! There are polite and happy ways to critize, it’s all about the way you show your opinion and try to show your support.

3) Magnify people’s strengths – Humans are always trying to find the weaknesses from each other. I think it’s part of our survival instincts. Try to control those instincts and think of their qualities – sometimes, you can find interesting aspects from your brother or colleage, just by thinking of them in a positive way. You’ll only be an encourager if you truly find those great aspects that everyone has!

4) No to negativity – If you don’t want to listen to others negativity, don’t create your own ‘dark cloud’ of terrible and sad thoughts. Need to say more?

5) This last point is actually a post from our dear Sofia, which brought us a while ago her opinion on the importance of setting goals. I find this post interesting and sometimes I even read it to myself!

I hope you all get more motivated with this post and you start being an encourager. Have a great sunday!




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