Our newest member… Magda! (aka the weirdest yet cutest name on history)

47747_486968591346881_1771153127_n Hello painters (I’ve heard that’s how you guys are called around here)! I’m Magda and I’m the latest addition to the “Paint me Yellow” team. I’m a friend of Angie (that’s how I call Ângela) and I study with her, Paulo and Luísa in the same university.

So, Angie asked me to talk a little bit about me…

Like I said, I’m Magda and I have a dog named Ariel… Why start by saying that I have a dog? Well, Ângela likes to say that when I introduce myself to someone the first thing that comes out of my mouth is: “Hi! I’m Magda and I have a dog named Ariel. Do you want to see some pictures of her?”, so I decided to do that with you guys to!

But my life isn’t all about my love for my dog! I also like to read, watch series and movies, listening to music, play videogames… you know, normal stuff that people my age like. Oh, right, I’m 19 btw! I mean, I do have a passion for history that some people don’t understand sometimes… and I’m definitely not good with social media. I try, I swear, but I always find better stuff to do instead of scrolling my Facebook feed.

Ok, this introduction is starting to be a little bit long, so I’m going to finish here…

Oh wait! I forgot something: I make a killer pasta with tuna! For real!165417_539846246059115_893469234_n


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