Summing Up – A Few Places to Visit…

13Hello everyone! Me and Luís had so much fun preparing last post of Summing Up that we decided to keep with travel as a theme for today as well. While thinking about some places to visit, we gathered a few pics we found on-line (all rights for everyone, we don’t want to steal anything) and thought it would be a good idea to bring to you guys, as an inspiration for future travels. Let’s start then!

350 11225913_855852234488423_845070508_n 11229611_855852287821751_842520428_o 11255630_855848591155454_1704580621_o alemanha Foto-1-Cidade-de-São_Paulo2 Uluru-Australia Western-Wall-And-Omar-Mosque-Jerusalem-Israel-1-1600x1200Have you ever visited one of these countries or are you interested in? Let us know, painters!


Summing Up Team


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