Sofia’s Top 5 Shows

Hello, painters! About two weeks ago, there was a post about PMY’s favorite TV shows, but I felt really bad having to choose just one – I watch so many! So if you are looking for a new hobby or are just addicted to good plots and substantial character development, like me, here’s my top 5:

5. Once Upon a Time

I’ve been watching this show for a while now and I really like it! It’s a fantasy show about magic and your favorite childhood stories coming to life in the “real” world. The first seasons, in my opinion, were the best – and that’s why this show is only number 5. I feel like the plot isn’t as thought-out in this new season, but the characters are definitely getting more and more intense and developing, which makes me keep on watching! There’s this whole story between “the good guys” and “the villains”, but the characters have developed so much that all of them have done both good and bad things. It’s really interesting to see the good side of the villains, the characters become so complex when that happens. And the magic is so fun to watch, it’s full of possibilities!

4. Pushing Daisies

This is a very small show, it only has two seasons and less than 30 episodes. It’s about a man who owns a pie store (called the Pie-hole and with a giant pie crust on the roof) and also has a secret power: if he touches someone who is dead, they reawaken. But if he touches them again, they go back to being dead forever. The real story happens when he reawakens his childhood sweetheart and they fall in love, but they can’t touch. I mean, this is Romeo and Juliet, epic tragic love story material right here! The characters are also wonderful, quirky, funny – and for such a short show, they show a lot of growth! Overall, it’s an adorable comedic show, full of sweet pies, good puns and lovable character moments.

3. Bones

You’ve probably heard of Bones – who hasn’t? It’s been around for awhile and most of us know how wonderful this show can be! It’s about Temperance Brenner, the best forensic anthropologist of the WORLD (I know, conceited much?!), who also turns into a brilliant crime-solver once she teams up with Booth, and FBI agent with a tough attitude, but a soft heart. Their partnership has an amazing dynamic and it’s so vivid, because they clash so much and yet work so well together! The other characters are also very well developed and contribute a lot to the story, bringing drama, comic relief, sweet love stories and amazing plots, in general. Every time I watch a new episode, it feels like i’m greeting old friends – and that’s what I call good character writing!

2. How to Get Away with Murder

HTGAWM is written by Shonda Rhimes. Yes, the author of such hits as Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice and Scandal (currently watching this one!), need I say more? This lady is the queen of drama and she can write a good, rich, complex thriller like no one else! The show feels a lot like Scandal and has a few similarities (strong, tough, powerful black ladies who call all the shots as protagonists? YES!), but it’s even more intriguing and compelling. I’m not kidding, this show will keep you on the edge of your seat all through the episode and have you ask for more when it’s over. It’s about Annalise Keating, a lawyer who uses her teaching position to recruit new promising Law students to work in her practice – and who also as a good deal of drama going on in her personal life. The plot is just mystery after mystery, and the characters are so complex and layered they won’t stop surprising you! The best thriller show being made right now, in my opinion. PS: I’m not responsible for any addiction this review may cause.

1. Friends

This show is the mother of all sitcoms – and How I Met Your Mother can vouch for that, based on the amount of jokes they’ve borrowed! The plot on its own isn’t that impressive, because it is, essentially, a comedy show, but the character development is beyond amazing. What else could we expect from a ten year show? Not a lot of shows get to that number, and I think that speaks for itself. Friends is that show, the one almost everyone knows and has watched, even if only for a few episodes. The characters are far from perfect, but they are also lovable and that’s what makes them so interesting and compelling to watch. I have to give this one first place, not only because it’s one of my favorite shows of all times, but because I think everyone feels the same way about it. Comedy gold, people! Hope you have time in your week to have a look at all these new recommendations! Stay awesome, Sofia


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