Demin Skirt

Hey there cuties! I can’t even explain you how f*cked up I am – after a week of college parties, my face is a total disaster. I have from pimples to a rather bad treated lip (got hurt, don’t ask how). Either way, it’s time to get back to my routine! Tests are coming and grades have to be really good.

I’ve taken these picture before Queima Week (thank god), what do you guys think? The weather was really nice during these days, although last week was terrible, pouring rain for days. I’ve wanted to try this new vintage skirt,really fell in love with it!

11160371_852564861483827_234663966_n 11186207_852564904817156_500256438_n 11198412_852564864817160_1903394206_n 11212303_852564884817158_1190979219_n 11216007_852564838150496_1149399263_n 11216276_852564881483825_1523677839_n 11225513_852564894817157_1478046767_n 11225640_852564868150493_1840405718_n

Have a great Sunday,folks!




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