Summing up – Dining Etiquette


Hello everyone, for today’s summing up me and Ângela would like to show you some tips when eating at foreign countrys. This is more important than you think because if you don’t follow this regional rules then you will be painted as a rude person. And do you want to be a rude person? NO. Before we begin however note that we are taking the idea from another post from another blog to which we will leave the link here.

We will start with our country: Portugal. In Portugal you better leave a tip for the meal and you surely don’t want to ask for more salt and pepper; our traditional food is centuries old and the people have stapled the recipe over the centuries.


France has the habit of using bread as the supporter for your fork instead of the knife and it is considered to be part of your silverware more than food even (imagine it as a spoon that you can eat) so it always belongs in the table and not in the plate.


Asking for extra cheese in Italy is the same as asking for a well done, slim steak with ketchup. Just don’t do it. EVER.

 Thailand is the perfect place for couples that tend to share food or to people that eat a lot, be prepared to be served some dishes that are meant to be shared and I would advise you to ask if your dish has food for two or more before asking for it.

China likes to serve you really well, so burping and leaving some food on the plate is a sign of sattisfaction, also don’t be picky with what you’re putting in your mouth, everything is tasty so just eat it.


India is a bit confusing I will be honest, I guess they expect you to eat with your hands? Just use the right one and take care of your nails.

 Remember when your mom told you to not slurp the spaghetti at the fancy restaurant? Well in Japan you should do it, loudly. It shows that the food is tasty and let’s be honest here: it is.

This was our short version of the original post, please do check it out! And tell us if you have any more tips for us!

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