Some Beauty Bits…


Hello painters! First of all, sorry for the poor quality of the pictures – the rain doesn’t stop falling here in Porto and the luminosity is quite terrible. I’ve decided to bring you guys some of my favourite beauty bits I’ve been using. My everyday lip balm has been the Nourishing Lip Balm by Yves Rocher – it’s not sticky and I find it the perfect change since the weather is getting hotter (or it’s supposed to be…) and there’s no need to have such a rich and strong formula on my lips. This one is nourishing and has a really sweet taste. I’ve been also using what I’ve been calling the palette of my dreams – it’s from Sleek and it’s their i-Divine Garden of Eden palette. It has some beautiful tons of green in scale and also different types of browns and bronzes, in order to work better on the lid. It’s absolutely gorgeous and it can make various looks. Lastly, my new babies are Kiko Smart Lip Pencil, in the shades Classic Red (706) and Magenta (709). They are extremely cheap regarding their quality – creamy, easy to aply on and can be used without a lipstick.

Have you ever tried one of these products?


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