DIY: Dotting nail tool (and a Manicure)

Hello, painters!
I am back with another post about beauty, but with a little bit of DIY involved this time around 😉
The tip I’m bringing you today came, originally, from the place where all the good things come from: Pinterest, of course. Here’s the original pin:

It’s a small dotting tool and it’s really easy to make! You just need an old pencil with an eraser on the tip and a small headpin. Then you push the headpin into the center of the eraser and voilà, all done!


I’ve used this tool before and gotten some really interesting results, you just have to be a little careful with it! The manicure I did this time around was pretty simple. I chose two pink shades – a really vivid cherry one and a pastel one -, and started by painting the cherry shade on first, as usual.

IMG_20150501_235816 IMG_20150502_001809

Then, I just dipped the tool in the pastel nail polish and tried to carefully dot it in a heart shape onto the nails of my index fingers. The heart shape isn’t a particularly hard one: you start by dotting three times in a triangular shape and then blend the dots together, accentuating the pointy bottom tip and the top of the heart shape. But you do have to be careful and do it very slowly – which I failed to do and ended up turning a nice manicure into a disaster! Well, at least the photos survived 😉 Here they are:

IMG_20150502_002015  IMG_20150502_004848 IMG_20150502_004836  IMG_20150502_004911

To finish it off, paint a thin layer of clear nail polish on top, it will make the manicure last longer. But make sure you let the hearts completely dry first, otherwise it will blend the colors together – pretty much what happened to me, and it ruined all my hard work! So take be patient and let the nail polish take its time, you won’t regret it.

Hope you enjoyed this little tip that can do wonders for your nail art creativity!

Stay awesome,



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