Summing Up – A Youtube Legacy


Hello painters, Summing Up is back! I have to confess that last week I missed writing for this category. Luís thought of a real cool theme – showing some of our favourite youtubers. Youtube is such an unbelievable website and it has given the opportunity for many people to make a living by filming, talking and being themselves. Some of them are well known, others aren’t. The chosen ones have taken our heart for various reasons, so it’s better if we start!


He has an amazing voice and a lot of musical knowledge! All the music that you find in his channel was made by him and only him. He usually produces metalsongs but he likes to change his taste.

Crazy Boris Productions

If you don’t like gaming… this might not make sense but if you do (and I do believe there are some guys/girls out there!), this channel is hi-la-ri-ous. I’ve re-watched so many of their videos, I just think the drawing makes everything funnier. It has a very peculiar humor too!


They are other great youtubers that produce a lot of different music genres! They are famous in League of Legends community but if they happened to start a ”normal” band then they would get easily to the top since their lyrics are incredible.

Brizzy Voices

Do you know what is this girl’s dream? To give voice to cartoons! I find this such an interesting dream and I’ve been following her for months now. She makes voice impressions, streams and even music videos like this one. I’m always amazed with how well she can work with her voice!


We all have those days where everything goes wrong and you really just need to laugh. The solution is on this channel! Kingsley may swear a lot but he’s definitely hilarious and so ironic.

Mary Doddles

Mary Doodles makes AMAZING drawings! She loves to use brushes and the effects that she can produce are fantastic, truly my inspiration to get better at drawing.
Dave Days
I really like this guy’s voice! Plus, he has a lot of collaborations and is trying to make a living by playing instruments and singing with his friends. Worth checking up, they have really great covers.
Rocket Jump
Although they come last, they’re really good and their speciall effects are your cup of tea. Highlt recommend checking out their channel!
And that is all for today’s Summing Up! What do you guys think of these youtubers?
Summing Up Team

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