Red Stripes

10807962_838066449600335_1017591205_n 11134182_838066459600334_369573774_n 11148960_838066439600336_764500582_n

Happy saturday, painters! I hope you guys are having more fun than I am – I’m stuck into books over books, it seems like my tests and exams are going to start and I don’t feel mentally prepared for it at all! I’ve just started classes on February, how come I’m already being evaluated? Anyway, not going to depress more, need to cheer up and find some joy in all these events. As you might see from the pictures, the weather is terrible here in Porto and no one understands why – May and South of Europe doesn’t seem to match with their supposing meaning (here’s a clue, weather: we want sun). So while the sun doesn’t come, we mere portuguese humans try to survive with clothing that reminds us of good sunny days yet without freezing.

11091317_838066362933677_2056510006_n 11117528_838066402933673_913241976_n 11118578_838066302933683_1781123175_n 11129289_838066436267003_966831112_n 11130572_838066326267014_105778050_n 11134439_838066419600338_99875967_n 11149133_838066382933675_97095690_nxx


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