Summing Up – The Impact of Technology in our Social Life

sfvf Hey there painters! Me and Luís had no clue what to talk about this week until this idea came up – how would our life be without social media? Without our gadgets? This is a very primary question yet we feel like it’s not discussed enough. We found some pros and cons regarding this subject. Pros 1. Easy to Work with: While life is getting more and more complex, technology can make things easier and smoother; it help us complete more tasks while spending less time. 2. It turns us into more sociable people: Some people may spend more time on the computer and don’t socialize at all. Despite these cases, there are actually people who have turned into more open and joyful thanks to social media networks. They feel comfortable talking through those networks and they can spend more time talking with their friends and beloved ones. 3. It’s a quicker way to fix problems/situations: I think you guys get it! 4. Above all, it’s useful (sometimes we forget it) Cons 1. It can consume your world: who doesn’t know someone that has stopped being 100% himself after using a gadget for so long? From cellphone to a console, it’s hard to admit you’re addicted to something but  it’s a step that needs to be taken. 2. You can’t shut it off: yes, we always feel like if we don’t have our cellphones connected to wi-fi, we’ll miss something. It’s important to have a healthy balance between real life and virtual life. 3. It can be dangerous: we never think that these kind of accidents can happen to us…Until they happen. Many companies now ask for your Facebook account, so they can spy your actions and how do you react with your closest friends. While this kind of attitude is starting to appear, there’s also the problem of people not respecting our privacy – it’s never too much of advice about protecting photos and data. 4.Self-reliance: I can’t be the only one that has used my mobile calculator to count 2×2. Having everything done so easily can make us more lazy and dependent from gadgets. It’s important to have our own independence and to learn how to do our routine and easy daily stuff by ourselves. What do you guys think about this subject? Are you all dependent from technology or still enjoy some free time reading or riding a bike? Comment below! xx The Summing Up Team


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