20 things.


1. Discover a new thing, everyday

2. Yet remember the good old things

3. And learn with your mistakes.

4. Enjoy the weather that the Nature gives us – from rainy days to sunny days at the pool

5. Embrace the people that deserve your love

6. Don’t feel bad for saying ‘no’

7. Take risky steps if they are what you want

8. Don’t regret something you haven’t made – just do it (too cliché?)

9. Hug more and talk about your feelings more often

10. Be open minded

11. When  negativty comes, take a step back

12. Don’t feel jealous – create your own world and joys

13. Curiosity, modesty and perseverance are qualities, use them

14. Don’t be an echo, be a voice (too cliché again?)

15. Be the change you want to see in the world

16. You’re a human – act like one. Seriously.

17. And that means that you’re incredible

18. Listen more often, you may learn something

19. Hope is our best shot

20. Don’t feel bad for loving someone

Have a great Sunday, cupcakes.




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