The Summer Festival Post


The good weather is coming (yeeey!) so we can start thinking about summer and the summer festivals. If you’re in Portugal, congratulations! If you’re not you must come and visit us and enjoy our festivals. From north to south to west and east, Portugal has the perfect festival for you, whether you like pop, rock, punk, heavy metal, indie, reggae, jazz or hip hop.

In the north: NOS Primavera Sound (Matosinhos), MEO Marés Vivas (Gaia), Happy Holi Portugal (Porto) and Festival Vodafone Paredes de Coura.
In centre: EDP Cool Jazz Fest (Lisboa), NOS Alive (Oeiras), O Sol da Caparica Festival 2015 (Almada) and Super Bock Super Rock (Lisboa).
In the south: MEO Sudoeste 2015 (Zambujeira do Mar) and Sumol Summer Fest (Ericeira)

Most of these festivals represent some of the things that both of us love: sun, beach, good music, amazing people and getting to know some of the most magical places in Portugal. Moreover, with the variety of the music and environment you have plenty options to have a blast. For instance, you can enjoy the sound of the sea mixed with the instruments and vocals at Nos Primavera Sound, Meo Marés Vivas or O Sol da Caparica. You can also get involved with the urban wonders of amazing cities in festivals like EDP Cool Jazz Fest or Super Bock Super Rock… So, to have the summer of your life you must come to Portugal and enjoy yourself in these awesome tributes to music.


-Paulo & Luísa


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