Summing Up – It’s okay to give up

1 Hey there guys! Me and Luís decided to talk about why it is okay to give up, but only sometimes! Life and the world around us is getting more and more complex and we need to select tasks and decide what’s important for us. So, you know what? It’s okay to give up sometimes and you don’t need to feel bad about yourself. Luís These reasons can be the biggest ones to consider if you should give up, but beware, you can give up working on your project for the time being and later resume once you these conditions have already changed! Working in a Toxic Enviroment Toxic enviroments means that the people that surround you are very little or not at all supportive (it doesn’t have anything to do with the place where you are working!). People that don’t support you or help you are people that don’t need to know your projects. Give up what you’re working on if you want but I suggest that you simply stop, leave the enviroment and resume once you’re confortable. I would also suggest to avoid telling about your projects to the same people again, it will only bring negativity. Feeling out-of-place The second reason means that maybe a project just doesn’t fill your expectations. You feel out-of-place because you didn’t want to do what you’re doing right now. Give up if this is the case, no one is forcing you to do this project and above all else it exists for your personal gain which, at this point, it’s probably none. There are a lot of things that YOU can try, don’t waste your time with those that you don’t enjoy. Ângela You just don’t care Sometimes you don’t believe in something you’re actually defending – so why are you even trying? Sometimes it’s jealousy, pride or even fear. Forget those feelings and focus on what’s more important – does your happiness really depends on what the others think of you? Do you really have to feel miserable every time you do a certain task just to please someone? Well, we think you don’t need that. If you have 0% of interest, give up and spend your precious time doing or learning something new that inspires you and makes you feel happy and useful. You care too much Believe or not, this happens to me too many times. When I reeeeeally enjoy working on a project, I stick until the end, well, normally the end is when I just can’t handle it anymore. Projects can be life sucking if you don’t balance your personal needs with them. I already gave up some of my own dreams because I realized they were taking so much time to come true and were making me feel unhappy that they didn’t felt like my dreams anymore. Even though I hate to leave things without ending them, it’s an option we have to consider if something doesn’t feel right. Try to balance your projects with your personal life and don’t feel miserable for having a part of your schedule saying ‘re-watch my favourite and tacky series’. That’s everything for today, have a great week, painters!

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