A Classical Adventure… 2 book reviews

Hey there painters! As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m a complete bookworm and I can admit that I’m really obsessive when it comes to books. The reason why I don’t talk much about them it’s because I have another blog just for books, yet written in portuguese. To make up for this kind-of-problem, I decided to make a small post about 2 classical books that I really enjoyed…yet written in topics. I thought it would be easier to understand what I felt about the books! Let’s start 😉


Persuasion, Jane Austen

-Very simple, easy to read and understand;

-Not a complex story, a rather plain and sheer ‘adventure’;

-Interesting characters, with a lot of description to help us create a portrait;

-Breathtaking scenes, love the details of the camp and the sea!;

-An impressive book, not for its content yet for the way it pleases us, as readers.


Anna Karenin, Leo Tolstoy

-Huge book, really complex;

-Prepare for weeks of reading before finishing it;

-A very phisolophical book, with politics and religion debates in it;

-Rather disturbing characters, like Anna Karenin, that will make you think about our condition;

-Historically interesting, to admire the russian court;

-Overall, incredible and difficult, yet worth the time spent on it.

And that’s all! As I’ve said, I wanted to write something really simple yet useful – I hope I’ve made you more enthusiastic regarding classical books, since they’re such treasures to us 🙂




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