The Bookclub – April

Hello painters! We hope you’re guys having a great week – today we brought our picks for April in terms of books. We do have quite a variety of books going on and let’s see if you fancy any of these! 1Today I brought On the Road – The Original Scroll by Jack Kerouac, which is the last book I read. While On the Road is supposed to be a fictional story, on The Original Scroll, it’s the draft of the book – no fiction, no perfection, just the text raw. This little detail makes the story much more interesting and intense since the name of the characters are actually real people names, like Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac itself. If you’re actually into the mood of holidays\changing routines, this is the book: it’s controversial, it has so many scandals, trips, scenarios… It really makes you get into the mood of starting a trip with your friends and do watever you want to. This classic is totally worth reading! Rating: 5/5 11082768_830593763680937_167943969_nHello, Luís here! For this month’s Bookclub I chose not a book but an author! The author’s name is Terry Pratchett, a fantasy writer. Me and Ângela found just two days ago TONS of his books on our local bookstore and I just got hooked on them. The covers are amazing and the stories are set in different archs, something we found it interesting. I may start with ”Guards! Guards!” but eventually I will buy a lot of them. 11081756_10203767197409615_1240046993_nThis month’s book of choice is I See You Everywhere, by Julia Glass (the book cover says she has won a National Book Award!!!). It’s been about a month since I’ve finished this book and moved on to LOTR, but I really did love reading it and I recommend it to all readers who like fictional novels. It’s a story about two sisters, told by turns from both points of view. The humor and wisdom of the two characters gets you really involved and committed to the story. It’s such a full book to read: there’s drama, romance and, of course, a wonderful sisterhood to explore! Oh, and don’t forget the plot twists! 11106530_937812142925623_2145903498_nThe book we chose is A Sombra do Vento (The Shadow of the Wind) by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. This book is about a little boy (Daniel Sampere) who is taken by his father to The Cemetery of the Forgotten Books – a secret library. There he finds one interesting book and he begins to investigate its author. He discovers that someone has been burning all of the copies of the book, and tries to understand what has been happening. It seems to be a very mysterious book and we can’t wait to start reading it! The problem about this book: it has 507 pages. xx Team Yellow

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