Summing up – Honoring the ones who left us


Hello everyone, Luis and Ângela here and for today’s Summing up we would like to talk about the plane crash that happened a few days ago. First of all I deeply wish my condolences to all the family members of the passengers’ and of course to the families of all plane workers.

There has been a lot of speculation during this incident. The first one is that the crash may have been a terrorist attack. No, it probably wasn’t. The co-pilot just wanted to die and he did it as he wished. He said to his girlfriend that one day he would leave a mark in this world and he did, but not a good one, he had not the right to do that; killing yourself is a jealous act just by itself, this is unforgiving. Terrorism is always for something they believe on – it can be independence of a regime, a religion… this man didn’t had any of those reasons behind this situation. It was a crime, yes, but a crime he can’t even be punished of, since he died during it. Since we figured it out it isn’t a terrorist attack, then what is it? Definitely an act of desperation. This co-pilot needed mental help and the company didn’t accompany him. What we can learn from this is that flight companies need to be aware of the mental situation from their pilots – it’s not an expensive service and can avoid situations like this one, since it isn’t the first time someone suicides during a flight.

We are writing this just for one reason: everyone remembers the bad co-pilot, with reason, but no one remembers the hero. The hero that failed but that didn’t give up: the pilot. We do not know his name (either because I never heard it or the media didn’t say it) but we do know that the reserchers found a recording of him demanding to the co-pilot to open the cockpit door because he didn’t want to die and neither have one passenger die because of him. We salute this man.


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