Night out

How you’re doing, painters? Long time since I’ve posted a look! This is something I really want to work on – fashion is an expression of art that has always inspired me. When I was little, I wanted to open my own shop, with my designs (which I religiously draw) and that desire turned out to this – a girl that spends too much time thinking how to follow trends that suit me without buying to many clothes. Books will always be my 1. love but there are other things where I want to spend my money on and that’s where fashion enters! I never follow trends too strictly because I’m happy with my own sense of style (something between dark colours and bohemian skirts). Something I’ve been trying to work on is using high heels more often (wanting to buy a new pair so much), since I’m quite short and people never say I’m 19 years old but also to keep my style, not to change it just because of the shoes! This outfit was quite hard to pull it out since there’s two patterns – still, I find it worked well! What do you guys think?



10850672_824577020949278_420900883_n 10947809_824576817615965_1912910097_n 11007563_824577047615942_1200301469_n 11015806_824576830949297_1667476583_n 11056695_824576984282615_2001889801_n 11056723_824576760949304_511836218_n 11056737_824576877615959_1148813250_n 11068816_824577010949279_668355486_nxx


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