Travel Log – Where to go in Porto


Hello, painters! This is Luísa and Paulo and today we’re going to set a tutorial on what to visit in Porto. Our city is, for us, the best place on earth. You think we’re saying this because we’re talking about our city (and that is probably right), but the truth is that Porto is indeed a lovely place to visit. Do you want to know why?

We divided it into 4 categories – places to have breakfast/ snack, to lunch/ dinner, cultural places and where to go at night.

Places to have breakfast/ snack:

  1. Spirito – where you can eat delicious cupcakes, milkshakes, etc
  2. Costa Coffee – where you can drink several types of coffee
  3. Majestic – an emblematic café in a very well known place in Porto
  4. Leitaria da Quinta do Paço – the perfect place to eat an eclair2

Places to have lunch/ dinner:

  1. Mercado do Bom Sucesso – a spot where you can find a variety of restaurants (from sushi to hot dogs)
  2. Food Corner – a building with five floors, each one with a different restaurant
  3. La Ricotta – to have a more gourmet experience
  4. Tribecca Jazz Club – where you can also enjoy some live music while you eat

3Cultural places:

  1. Ribeira – where you can take a walk by the river or take a journey on a boat
  2. Clérigos – where you can walk through the street and find some places to shop and restaurants
  3. Livraria Lello – the most beautiful bookshop in the world
  4. A Vida Portuguesa – a store where you can buy portuguese made stuff
  5. Reitoria da Universidade do Porto – the place that represents all of the faculties in Porto. An amazing old building where you can also buy some stuff to use in class

At night:

  1. Galerias – a huge street with pubs and discos, where you can go with your friends and have some fun
  2. Gelataria Sincelo – a little ice cream shop, where you can take your girlfriend/ boyfriend and have a good time


So these are the places we most enjoy in Porto. Of course there are plenty of them we haven’t talked about, but these are the main ones.

Enjoy the spring, wake up and go have breakfast at Majestic. Then take your girlfriend/ boyfriend to The Food Corner and spend the rest of the day visiting Livraria Lello. Invite your parents to have dinner at La Ricotta and end your night with your best friends at Galerias.

We promise you won’t regret it!

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