Summing Up – 20 Small Things to Appreciate

1Hellooo gorgeous painters! Me and Luís thought it would be a rather cute idea to bring you guys 20 small things we like to appreciate – they’re things we don’t have everyday or even if we do, we always like to stop for a moment and to enjoy them. Check them out and see if you share one of these with us! Ângela 1. Waking up to sunshine. 2. When you Caffe Latte has reached the ideal drinking temperature.

3.Actually wanting to do sports.

4. Re-reading a book after years 5.When you get your lucky number 6.When it’s already 8PM and we can still see twilight 7. Fresh flowers 8. Staying late with old friends 9. Nice lovely heat 10.Cleaning up your bedroom and atually seing the difference Luís 1. A nice cup of tea 2. The smile of a loved one 3. A dog waging its tail to you in the middle of the street 4. The new episode of your favourite series 5. That day where you dont have any responsability 6. Cooking with your significant other 7. Read a book 8. Having no spam in your inbox 9. Finally understanding something that you thought it was really complicated 10. Finishing your last project xx The Summing Up Team


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