Summing Up – Friendship Values

1Hello everyone, Luis here and today’s Summing up is about something VERY important: friends!

Everyone has friends (I seriously hope) and we all enjoy spending time with them, helping them, talking or going to the beach; but there are some ‘’rules’’ inside a friendship. The rules can vary, for example: never talk about each others ex, it’s a simple rule that some friendships have and that both identities respect. However, there are a few staple rules that ALL friendships should have.

Rule number 1: WE ALL HAVE OUR OWN PROBLEMS. A friend will always be there to hear your secrets and worries and he will also be there to cheer you up when you need the most. You will never truly carry something on your own because your friends also carries it with you. This said you should remember that your friends also need some help and that they WILL count on you, so even if you’re really busy or just not in the mood to talk try to listen to him and help him.

Rule number 2: With rule number 1 comes also number 2 and it is very important although a lot of peeople don’t follow it. Know who are your REAL friends. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people that pretend to be our friends simply because they want something from us. Petter Pettigrew (Harry Potter references,guys) was not the only one of this kind and one of you readers may have one of these (really hope not) but in case something bad happens and you’re forced to pick a side then remember which side always helped you (and seeked your help) more.

Rule number 3: Friends are like books, we don’t need a lot of them, only the really good ones.

I think this is all from me, hope you guys enjoyed it and tell us what others rules do you think there are to our friendships!

Ângela here! Although I disagree when Luís says we don’t need a lot of books (ofc we need.), he’s right in pretty much everything he just said. I’m just going to add some mantras that I live with when it comes to my friendships – I’ve lost so many friends that I’m turning into a kind of expert in this.

1. We don’t have to like everyone  – just respect;

2. Don’t give up on some friends because others don’t approve it – if they’re your real friends, they’ll support only your happiness.

3. Quantity doesn’t mean Quality – and you know this.

4. Don’t forget that friendships are just like other relationships – they have ups and downs and that doesn’t mean that a friendship is more or less valuable than other.

5. There are friends for everything – It’s okay if you behave differently regarding the friend your are with. Everyone is different and our personality changes too. I can go to deathly serious to party wild girl, it really depends on the choices I make!

I hope you guys find this post useful and just go and hug your friends! They are so important to us, as humans. We do need their support and love!


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