DIY – Almost Brand New Boxes

Hey there painters! I’ve been doing a few changes in my bedroom, mainly because I’m tired of it – a have a few red walls that although they look gorgeous, they also bring too much heat and sometimes make me feel too energetic? I don’t know, I just don’t think red is the perfect colour for a bedroom (what were my parents thinking?). Since it will take a while until the walls be painted again, I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring lighter colours and to start working on my bedroom’s decoration again since I won’t leave home soon (explanation: We were going to change house and sell this one; apparently, we’re not anymore). Having stuff in your room that looks sloppy will only make you feel unconfortable in your own space and feel slighty insecure about yourself – can’t be the only one that hates to bring people home when the house is dirty and I have horrible blankets in my bed.

So one of my biggest problems was…boxes. I really like to organize yet I also like to save money as much as I can so I ended up having tons of boxes from perfumes,shoes, etc, in the middle of my bedroom organizing some material and products. It looked bloody awful (seriously) and I had a shelf just with boxes, it looked like a storehouse. The solution? Sticker paper. I bought mine at Tiger for only 4€ and have enough paper to change 3 boxes, parts of my computer (yes,he was also needing) and there’s still sticker paper left. I find it incredibly useful and a great idea -it’s cheaper to change boxes than buy new ones!


20150227_145826 20150227_172829 20150227_173210So what do you painters think – worth the shot?




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