Makeup: Cleaning your brushes

Hi painters!

Today I have a lighter topic to talk about… makeup brushes! Not that I’m an expert in this – I don’t usually wear a full face of makeup, actually. But I do use powder foundation, since I have a very oily skin and that helps to get rid of that oily shine. And what do I use to apply the powder? Ah, you guessed it – a beautiful H&M full brush. I love this brush, but it was definitely in need of some good cleaning, since I’ve been using it for some months now.

What did I do? I resorted to Pinterest, of course! I found this interesting pin, promising to turn my brush back to its shiny and new days with nothing but vinegar. Now, that’s what I call a miracle 😉 So I decided to give it a try, what could go wrong? I mean, it is vinegar, but the post itself promised the brush wouldn’t get smelly from it… Here’s what the process looked like:

Look at that dirty vinegar… Ewww, yuck!


The pin tells you to mix one part of warm water and one part of white vinegar. I only had fruit vinegar, but it’s white, so I didn’t think it would make any difference. You can also add some drops of baby shampoo (to keep the brush hairs soft), but since there are no babies in this house, I skipped that part! I then mixed the water and the vinegar with the brush and swirled it energetically – if I hadn’t, nothing would have come off, so don’t just leave your brush in the mix and wait for it to magically work. It really won’t! Last step is to rinse the brush in warm water and leave it to dry.

Once again, the pin does say that your brush won’t smell like vinegar, but mine did, a little bit. It was nothing serious and I strongly suspect it was the lack of baby shampoo that caused it. But either way, it was gone within a day or two of use and definitely wasn’t anything terrible.

All in all, I’d say this pin does work, your brush will most likely be a lot cleaner after using it and you didn’t have to spend a lot of money buying expensive cleaning products. It’s also better for the environment, too. So let’s be happy there is white vinegar in our lives!

Stay awesome,



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