What not to wear -PMY edition

Hello, painters! This is Luísa and Paulo and today we’re going to talk about fashion and give you some advice. Although we’re not experts like Ângela (we’re just being nice because it’s her blog), there are some things you just can’t go out with.

Of course people are free to choose what they like to wear or do with their hair, but remember when you go shopping, for example: what is your reaction when you see a woman wearing a pink skirt with the size of a belt and a red T-shirt so small that it could be used by your 13 year old daughter? You laugh, right? Even if you don’t want to, you end up criticizing that woman, asking yourself how did she get out of her house looking like that. Doesn’t she have a mirror?!

So we are going to divide this in four categories: colors, accessories, clothes and shoes.



Try not to mix:

  1. Pink with red
  2. Black with brown
  3. Blue with green
  4. Purple with yellow

There are some colors that just don’t go well with others and might look too bright or just too dull. It’s something natural and that affects our eyesight.


Never leave your house with:

  1. Bags with the size of a trolley – If you’re not going to travel, don’t use it
  2. Plastic hair springs – You’re not cleaning your house, always remember that
  3. Belts underneath your boobs – If they’re not big there are other things you can do about it
  4. Headbands and earrings bigger than your ears
  5. Gel nails with Hello Kitty drawings – Or Minnie. Or flowers. Or rainbows. Or ties.


Even in your worst days, don’t EVER use:

  1. Training suits – Unless you go to the gym. And even in that situation you should only wear them when you get there or else you’ll look sloppy. Have you ever seen Queen Elizabeth wearing training suits?
  2. Denim jackets with jeans; Leather jackets with leather trousers
  3. Sweaters with the colors of your football team
  4. Corduroy trousers – Only five year old kids use it
  5. Leggings with crop tops – When you wear leggings we don’t want to see your ass, sorry!
  6. Skirts/ shorts almost smaller than belts – They are supposed to cover your legs
  7. A red bra with a blue T-shirt – Just be sure no one sees your bra, ok? It’s underwear!


Your feet don’t deserve to be inside:

  1. Flip flops with socks – Even if you are Brazilian
  2. Shoes that make you look like you’re on top of a truck
  3. Bedroom slippers or orthopedic shoes – No, not even when going to the grocery store
  4. Crocs or UGG boots – we don’t need to say anything about that, do we?

Guys, these are our rules, of course. Even these 20 made us argue, A LOT – although, for us, fashion has no rules… It depends on our own style, personality, individuality, needs and daily context.

These are the things that we would never do and the ones we wouldn’t like to see on others. Like we always say, you can never go wrong if you have fun and be yourself wearing your own style!

However, feel free to write us back and comment below. Which ones would you take off the list and which ones would you include? Send us your best and worst looks and we will post them within our – Paulo and Luisa – publication!!!

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