The Bookclub – March

Well hello! Today we have The Bookclub for March which is my favourite category from PMY (there, I’ve said it). I just love books so much that I get super excited with this sort of bookclub. Let’s see what the others have been reading buuuut we’ll start by me.

20150227_144240Today I brought you guys my reading diary, with my book updates. Since 2015 has started,I’ve read 6 books which isn’t a lot considering I’m a bookworm – I’m guessing that now I pay more attention to other sources like Youtube (first time I’m actually following youtubers!) and my dash on Bloglovin! Since I plan to read 40books, I really need to start reading more and more often, especially considering that I want to spend the summer re-reading books that I enjoyed. I’m currently reading Big Stone Gap by Adriana Trigiani and my next books are The Hours by Michael Cunningham, The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald and lasty On the Road by Jack Kerouac.



It was Christmas. My mom and I wanted to stay in the couch with a blanket over us all day long. So what did movie did we choose to watch? Lord of the Rings, of course! Is there a saga that feels more like Christmas then the story of how a tiny hobbit had to cross an imaginary land to throw an evil piece of jewelry in the fiery pit of a mountain? (That was sarcasm, by the way ) After that, I remembered how much I loved this story, so I decided to buy a box set with the three Lord of the Rings books from Fnac ( and finally read this classical saga. About time, isn’t it? I’ll tell you all about what I thought of it later on, when I’m done reading! For now, I’m in the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring. Wish me luck!



Hello everyone! My choice for this months bookclub is ”Miniaturist” by Jessie Burton. I saw this book at a library while waiting for my class to start and I have to say: it seems so good. Waterstones nominated it for one of the best books of 2014 so that’s a big plus. The cover of the book imanates from it the aura of a good book (yes, I am judging the book by it’s cover) and the bits of story I read made me stop in the middle of the library as I read almost a chapter. Looking forward to it and it may be my next thing in my buying list!

Luísa & Paulo


Hey there painters!The book we chose is Galveias, written by José Luís Peixoto. This book is about a little town (Galveias, where he lived when he was young) and it portrays the life of its inhabitants. It has several short stories which take place during 1984, with characters and events in common – the stories are all connected. We have read some of José Luís Peixoto’s books such as Morreste-me, Abraço and Dentro do Segredo and we loved it, so we are looking forward to reading this one. We just need some free time, so maybe two years from now we can read it :-p

What do you guys think of these books? Have you read any?


Team Yellow


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