Celebration post – 6months of PMY!

No one posts on Wendsways YET we definitely had to make a post to celebrate our half anniversary – yes, Paint Me Yellow exists for over 6months now, time surely flies by. This blog has grown so much thanks to you, our dear painters. Our family is getting bigger and that includes Team Yellow members but also you. So this is a thank you post, where we wish you all the best you can have and we hope this blog has content that can inspire you daily.

To celebrate this date, we decided to gather all of our favourite posts.. and also yours. Check them out!

Let’s say everyone loves Sofia’s Travel Logs – thumps up for her trips in 2014 and to her medieval journey in Santa Maria da Feira!

sofiaRegarding more of Lifestyle-advice-dear diary sort of post (well,that was kind of hard to say), Team Yellow picked this posts and I got really happy for their picks! It’s really important for me to have them saying ‘this post was great!’ – we’re a team and we need to like each others work. They picked The Je Suis Charlie Thing, Why do we Blog and lastly Comparing Yourself with others.

euSo,what else deserves a lot of love? I guess I could say Ready for the Oscars?, has I truly enjoyed how Paulo and Luísa wrote about this event! Also, On the Importance of Setting Goals, a post that was really admired. Lastly, I picked (since we all had to pick 3 posts!) Life, Dreams and National Geographic that was written by Luís – I always find important that we should be open-minded and aware that life can give us lemons… and we’ll make lemonade.

luisTo finish off, here are some other posts that recieve a lot of likes and made us feel more warmed inside: What TY Wears… #1 (We might do a #2 soon!), Beauty Sample Review, Honesty in Blogging, A Symphony of Lipsticks, DIY: Desktop Calendar and, to finish off, Summing up – The Lack of Imagination.

So here they are! Some of these posts were picked by Team Yellow and are posts that made us continue writing and were special to us; others, were the ones that recieved more feedback.

We hope you guys enjoy our blog and that it makes you happy, lilttle painters!


Team Yellow


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