Paint me Sunday – Why do we blog


Hello painters! I hope you are all having a happy sunday, full of love and blankets (although it’s March, it’s still pretty cold and windy in Porto!). A few posts ago, I talked about Honesty in Blogging, something that I appreciate (and I think everyone does, right?) and said I might do more posts regarding the subject of blogging – well, here it is! Not sure if i’ll do more for now but to complement the other post, I decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to try to make people understand why some creatures down in Earth want to write on blogs and share them to the world.

I. We want to share our adventures

Sometimes, we do have an adventurous life; sometimes, we don’t – we just simply want to share something with you guys that we think it might we profitable for you and for us, as writers. Some blogs are just like diaries, really!, and that’s okay, everyone has its right to write about what they want without thinking about the public.

II. We want to inspire

I have no problem admiting that I want to inspire other people around there – that’s why I write poems, texts, posts… Pretty much everything. I’m positive that I’m not the next Jesus but you don’t need to overtake all the imaginary obstacles in the world, you just need to have a good heart and values you would like to share.

III. We want to create

Yes, I love creating and that goes from ripping my clothes to making 1001cookies. Blogging it’s the perfect excuse to continue my crafty adventure and to write about it, as a journal.

IV. We want support

I feel like people sometimes forget that we are actually human and by sharing our thoughts we might want some support, someone saying ‘you’re doing well,congrats’. By wanting support, it doesn’t mean we are conceited – everyone needs a few kind words, right? So be sure you give your opinion to the bloggers/youtubers/and so on you enjoy!

V. We want to learn

There are some posts that I would like to talk about yet I don’t have enough knowledge to express myself – this is when learning enters. Blogging has taught me a lot and actually made me enjoy doing stuff I hated before, like editing.

As bloggers, we also need inspiration and we can actually be picking the ‘wrong’ one – we’re not all the same and it’s okay not to agree with others opinions or to not enjoy a type of style (always respecting though!). Although it does make me sad to think about it, there are some bloggers to who I had to click on ‘unfollow’ because I didn’t agree with the way they were ‘changing’ the blogger comunity. Some things I like to keep an eye on are:

– Being too bossy – Blogging is certainly a different social media if we compare to years ago; the ‘minimalist style’ is definitely gorgeous and in vogue but if you don’t want to follow that style, no one is going to condemn you! I’ve seen post like ‘how to take the perfect pics’. Well…Your perfect type of pics might be different from mine.

-Too many tips – I do like advising posts but the excess of tips makes us look like self-help books and it does take a little of the ‘blogging magic’.

-Changing your opinion if products are given – Need saying more?

So there you have it! I hope you guys these ideas rather useful. Comment below what do you think!




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