Beauty Sample Review


Hello painters! Do you know when you pack all your sample goodies saying ‘I’ll use them when I travel’? Yes, that’s what I usually do; since the packaging is travel size friendly, I normally keep them for that type of occasions. I few days ago, I realized that it doesn’t make that much sense – I can simply use the product and save the packaging, re-using it. So what I got? A lot of new products to try without spending 1 single €!

Starting with the shampoo part – I had samples from Aussie Miracle Moist and Garnier Ultra Doux Revitalizing Shampoo and I was rather curious to try since Aussie isn’t sold in Portugal and Garnier’s shampoo is a brand new one here. Although Aussie’s shampoo smelled so nicely and was actually moist, I prefered the Garnier’s one (yes, I’ve already bought a big size of it) – it’s not so dense as the Aussie one, it feels lighter on my hair and it’s definitely more fresh. It doesn’t make my hair so oily as Aussie Miracle Moist, even though that shampoo is better for hair that’s a little bit dry. Comparing these products, Aussie’s shampoo would be great if I had longer hair (my hair gets drier as longer as it grows) but since it’s now short, I can work with a not so thick shampoo.

Next, I have a hand cream by Bonté that smells like wild fruits. It’s delicious and I love the small packaging and the smell; just not sure if it hydratating as I want it to be! Lastly, this little cute soap from Ach Brito, a really famous portuguese soap brand, with great products – the one I picked smells like pomegranate and I can tell portuguese people are the best at making soaps!

20150216_142459Moving on to facial products: I had some samples of Avon CC Cream, Docteur Renaud and Avene. Starting with the CC Cream, I have to confess I expected better from Avon – it was a complete light coverage with not enough product on each sample; I sensed almost no difference with or without the CC Cream. The only thing that I liked about it was the moisturizing part. Now the good part… Avene’s exfoliating is incredible – it’s not too aggressive on my skin but you can see it’s taking the oily-dirt away; it doesn’t have any exfoliating crystals and it’s really calming. I found it a rather good product for people who have sensitive skin. Finally, the best product, which is Dr Renaud Gel Creme Mattifying – words cannot describe how good this product is. You don’t need a big amount of product to make it work, it’s so hydratating yet mattifying, it won’t leave your skin oily at all. I find it the best cream to use after exfoliating, since my skin is combination-oily and the products can’t be very thick.

So here are the reviews regarding these beauty goodies – I hope you’ll find them useful when you shop! Have you ever tried one of these?





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