Ready for The Oscars?

Hello painters! The most expected award ceremony of the year is finally here. It’s The Oscars – where actresses compete not only to win the Oscar, but also to see who wears the best dress (not necessarily in that order).

And if a crazy person or someone out of his/her mind put us in charge and make us decide the winner of some of the categories, that’s how we would do it:

*Actress in a Leading Role:

Julianne Moore (Still Alice) – with a breathtaking performance and a beautiful posture on set, this genius actress delivered it, worked the role and made people awake to this devastating illness. And if she doesn’t win the Oscar we are ready to go there and make a protest, steal the Oscar and give it to her or something.

Despite her excelent performance, we also think that Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl proved us the great woman and even greater actress she is. Rosamund is without any doubt one to watch.

 *Actor in a Leading Role

Eddie Redmayne (The Theory of Everything) – we give him a standing ovation and the so wanted award. What a great performance! Once again a disease is the main topic (is this just a coincidence?).

But we just can’t forget the amazing interpretation of Micheal Keaton in Birdman. Can we have 2 winners please?!

*Actress in a Supporting Role:

Patricia Arquette (Boyhood) – this award could only be handed to Patricia.

Outstanding as she used us to, she was finally given a role she deserves (Medium is just not for her). Let’s be true: a movie that took 12 years to be made could be a disaster. Fortunately it wasn’t.

Also amazing is the way she loses and gains weight over all those years.

*Actor in a Supporting Role:

K. Simmons (Whiplash) – we didn’t know him, so we were anxious to see what he was like. Turned out to be an extraordinary actor and his character was the most intense comparing to the other actors that are nominated.

*Best Picture:

Boyhood – you just don’t spend 12 years of your life making a movie and then don’t win the Oscar. It will be so unfair if Boyhood doesn’t win! Great characters, amazing actors (although Ellar Coltrane was much prettier when he was young), and the story is just wonderful. One of our favorites of all times.

And these are our choices for The Oscars 2015! Since we want you all to participate, we decided to do a ballot which you can save it for free and fill it with your personal tastes and maybe keep it as a memory! Let’s see who guesses more oscars – leave your comments below regarding The Oscars!

1 2 3 4

Have a great day!


Luísa & Paulo


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