Paulo and Luísa – Welcome to Paint me Yellow!


Hello, guys! This is Luísa and Paulo, we’re the newest addition to Team Yellow. Ângela is a big friend of ours, we met her in college and she decided to invite us to write here probably because she thinks we are such good writers (she is wrong, by the way). We promise to give our best and we hope you enjoy it.

We are going to work and post as one due to our strong friendship. We work better together and complete each other in many ways, although Luísa does not agree with that.

First of all, we are going to introduce ourselves, but in a different way – Luísa will introduce Paulo and Paulo will introduce Luísa. The funniest part is that we won’t see what the other person says about us until this post is published on the blog.

So, let’s start it!


About Paulo:

1) He is 19;10959599_10204442111546410_6318902116264341978_n

2) He studies Languages, Literatures and Cultures at FLUP;

3) He has a brother that he loves very much but we won’t admit it;

4) He is not a good friend and he doesn’t care about other people;

5) He is an average student and he misses classes all the time;

6) Number 4 and 5 aren’t true. He’s actually a very good friend and a great student, better than me;

7) Last but not least, he is rich. I’m serious, he has a lot of money. And he pays you lunch if he likes you.

About Luísa:

My dear friend Luísa, who I had the pleasure to meet in the LLC course in Porto’s Uni is a11016576_916652105041627_1369250001_n beautiful 18 years old and, in addition to its many qualities, which suddenly I can’t remember none is:

1) a blonde and fluffy princess, super adorable and helpful (or not)

2) great sense of humour

3) a freak

4) she loves me

5) I love her

6) she the laziest person in the world

7) she loves me

8) she loves me


Luísa and Paulo

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