Summing up – The Lack of Imagination

Hello Painters! Today we’re going to bring you a new type of posting – it’s called Summing Up and me and Luís are the authors of it. Worry not, Luís won’t stop posting! We only thought it would be a great idea to post together. So, what’s Summing Up? Basically we are going to sum up information that might be interesing to you to read, explore and give an opinion. It might be of everything, we still don’t know how it will work but your opinion will be valuable!


So, imagination; imagination is one of the BEST things someone can have. Leonardo da Vinci imagined helicopters (oh yeah), Shakespeare imagined his writings and YOU imagined something else. All of us have imagination, however,not all of us can channel it properly. When I was little I always played alone, I didn’t have brothers or sisters at home and to top it off I was always on my Game Boy during playground at school so whenever I wanted to play I would do it alone. I had no problem with doing it because my imagination is thankfully REALLY fertile and yours may be too. My secret for my amazing imagination, it wasn’t just the lack of friends or brothers, it was….legos. LOTS AND LOTS OF LEGOS. So if you know some kid that is kinda lonely at home, consider buying some legos to him/her. If so then pleaseeee show it to the world, just like Shakespeare showed his through texts, yours might be shown by any other thing and who knows it could even change the world.

If you would like to show off, or just train your imagination, you could use some sites like Pinterest, although Ângela has better experience with it than me. You could  also search for art workshops in your area – art really stimulates our brain and it’s always a good way to train ourselves.


Since Luís told his imagination story (and it’s a cute one), I thought it would be a good idea to give you some points to make you produce more (and always with quality). These are just my opinions and from other great bloggers out there who have already taught me a lot of mantras!

I. Don’t judge your capacity – Stop diminishing your creativity potential with doubts and judgements. You can do pretty much everything if you believe in yourself and give some of your time to the projects you believe in. Fight your fears and step forward!

II. Learn the skills you need – Once you’ve start trusting in your capacities, it’s time to get work done – don’t be afraid to learn and make mistakes, those errors will make you grow up and avoid further problems. Remember that we’ve all learnt to talk, read, walk… If you learnt that, you’ll surely learn the skills you need to make your project work.

III.Surround yourself with creative people – I think you guys get it!

IV. Make lists – Sometimes, we don’t have ideas and then there are those times where we feel like we could be posting all day long since our ideas won’t end. Control your emotions and ideas by making lists and thinking ‘what’s to be done first?’. Then, keep some ideas in case you lack imagination.

V. Leave it – If you can’t focus on your creative project, it’s better if you just leave it for a while and refresh your mind to go back to where you want to be. It’s okay to stop and rest, ideas are inexhaustible yet they need to be fed.

So this was our first Summing Up post – what do you think about it? Do you ever lack imagination?


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