DIY: Notebook Decor

Hello, painters!
Our story today begins with a gift I got from a friend a while ago. He knows I love little notebooks (he’s seen me using about a thousand of them and complimenting our other friends’ little notepads as well), so when he got one of them from work, he decided to give it to me! So nice, wasn’t he? It’s a small silver journal, gorgeous and very elegant, with one of those elastic closures.

DSCN0297 - Cópia

There was just one small, tiny, microscopic problem… My friend works for a pharmaceutical company, so he got that notebook, in the first place, as one of those publicity goodies that pharmaceuticals often hand out. This resulted, of course, in this beautiful memo pad having the words “Nasal Wash” across its cover. I couldn’t hear the end of it from Ângela and my other friends! As tired as I was of all this mockery, there really was but one answer: DIY (oh, the answer to all of life’s tiny bumps)! I had this small doily lying around, so I decided to glue that to the cover. Here’s what it looks like now:


Once I was done with all of this, I thought I should share with you how I did it – you know, in case one of you painters ever gets a little pharmaceutical-goody emergency of your own!


The materials you’ll be needing are: a paper doily (in a size appropriate for the cover, but according to your personal taste); white glue and a brush to spread it; scissors. And the pretty pad, of course! I also used some transparent varnish to coat the doily, but seeing the results, I wouldn’t recommend using it, actually – it looks too shiny and a bit messy. I needed some white paint (in the form of a pen corrector) as well, but you probably won’t.

What to do next? Follow these steps!

1) Place half the doily over your notebook’s cover and adjust it at will. Then use the brush to spread glue where you want the doily to be. Press it down and leave it to dry. If any small part of the doily is getting unglued when you open and close the pad, just carefully cut of that section.


2) Glue the other half of the doily on the back of the cover. Press it down well and then leave it to dry. You can cheer up your waiting by gluing random stickers on your new notebook, like I have done in this picture 😉


3 & 4) I also needed two extra steps, the first being filling in those two ones on my doily with the pen corrector, and the other one, covering the doily in varnish – which, again, didn’t work out so well, so stick to the glue, people!


Despite the varnish situation, I’d say I love my notebook’s new look: it’s sweet, simple, and definitely not very “nasal wash”-y anymore! 😉


I hope you enjoyed this DIY as much as I did!

Stay awesome,



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