Paint Me Sunday – Honesty in Blogging


I felt like I really needed to talk about this subject – to people who don’t create blog content and are readers, it might seem kind of useless these type of posts but trust me, you should read them. Even if you can’t relate to some stuff we say, there’s always some lesson to learn and honesty is a rather hot theme in blogsphere right now and you know why? Because there’s people who recieve money to give opinions on certains itens and are truthful to their beliefs and there’s also other people who really don’t care about their followers. And you, as a reader, should be prepared to that and to know when someone’s being honest or not.

I feel like there is a certain group of people who don’t see blogging as a career and think we’re joking here and that blogging isn’t tiring – well, it is. It’s okay to take money from your work and to accept free samples and products to try, no one has the right to judge you as long as you stay true, basically. I personally don’t mind reading sponsored posts as long as I know the blogger’s taste and opinions – if I read a blog that loves only Zara clothing, I’ll find it weird if all of the sudden he recieves Primark clothing and starts screaming of happiness. Everyone has its opinion and as a blogger, if I get to that point one day, I’ll only work with companies and brands that I enjoy. I’ve seen some bloggers manipulating the opinion of their readers or taking advantage of their famous stats and started making dirty cheap  publicity – in those cases I did had to take a step back and unfortunately unfollow them.

Overall, nowadays readers have to create a smaller selection of blogs to read and to pay attention to who are they reading – there has been a rise of blogging tips and although I always like to read those, I feel like there’s a lot of mess and over enthusiasm over the idea of gaining money for writing. To people who write just because of money, you seriously have to start wondering why do you blog (as I might write a post about it). I really believe there’s a space for everyone on the blogsphere but we need to support each other, respect and be honest – as I reader, there’s nothing like transparency in reviews.

For more posts about this subject, there’s 2 I definitely recommend: one from Thunder Love and other from The Lovecats Inc.

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