The Bookclub – February

Hello everyone! Guess who is back 😉 Kind of excited about this month, although I’ll be only sharing links of posts with you, my reading routine has finally started again and that inclues reading magazines. Feeling so happy about reading and being a bookworm! I might make a few posts about books, who knows? Either way, here are the links to some really awesome posts you should read and take a few moments to get inspired!

Some tricks and tips to sort out your wardrobe – totally found myself on this post! From the same blog, a few historical fashion information about handbags, these were actually interesting.

This video is gorgeous, 2minutes of pure snowfall you can admire while snuggling on your blankets

From the blog Thunder Love, we have the post Life is Too Short with such a small yet beautiful text and The Importance of Honesty in Blogging, an issue that is being currently discussed on the community (which I might talk about it since I do have some thoughts).

Lastly, some Lifestyle helpers: Why rejection might be the

best thing that could happen to you, Being young & in a long term relationship, The Things I wish I knew when I was 18 and Little steps towards a more productive day.

I hope you guys find these links useful and rather interesting! -xx


Since February is the month of love (Valentine’s Day, anyone?), I thought I’d recommend you a classic I cannot stop re-reading! It’s, of course, the most iconic work of Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice. This book is such a classic because it describes and illustrates the typical life of the upper class during the Victorian period, as well as it satirizes it (I mean, who doesn’t like a good satire? What, it’s just me?!). But, mos

t of all, it has very complex and well-written characters, not to mention how much they evolve and grow throughout the plot. The relationships between them are interesting and, sometimes, even heartbreaking or surprising. I think the portrait that Austen does of love and loving relationships in this work is incredibly realistic – and that’s exactly what makes it so good.



The book I chose for February is Island on bird street. It’s a book set during the World War II, in Poland. It talks about the life of a young boy named Alex whose mother died when he was young and his dad was taken to a camp and his adventures are about trying to survive in an abandoned ghetto. I recomend this book to anyone that enjoys a light story since it’s easy to read and it’s also really good story that anyone can enjoy, even kids!

picture here


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