Around the Internet

Hello everyone! Today I will talk about my favourite spots and people on the internet because I think we could always get new sources of entertainment! I hope you like mine and if you want write your favourite things around the internet down in the comment section!


Youtube- everyone goes to youtube but if you are like me then you will run out of ideas of videos really quick and end up watching your historic all over again. Some of my favourite youtube stars are:

SSOHpkc – it’s a gamer that records his playthroughs and he’s known for his amazing sarcasm and lack of attention.
Monstercat – an amazing eletronic music company that has helped a lot of young music producers to grow. It also has Spotify and even a music stream on Twitch; if you’re into this kind of music then I higly recommend you to go check it out!
zefrank1 – this man doesn’t pop out from the youtube community that much BUT his series ”true facts” are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. It talks about random animals using a load of briliant jokes and some true facts!
comedy sites everyone checks out some sites regularly, here are some of mine:

9gag –  almost everyone knows about 9gag, it’s just your everyday site that tries to make you laugh.
Memebase – memebase was my go to site during my early days on the internet, it’s simply a classic!
 Reddit – Reddit IS confusing to a newcomer but with a bit of work you will start to enjoy it. It has a lot of smaller reddits (subreddits) that talk about different stuff, from games to shower thoughts and even reaction gifs; it’s one of those sites that only gets good when you work for it. I recomend ”reactiongifs” as a first subreddit if you want to check them out.
Twitch tv – this site enables us to watch streams of EVERYTHING or simply make a stream ourselves; most of the streams are about video games but you may find something different.
Wikia – do you have a book you love? a saga that’s rich in lore? want to know MORE about potatoes?? just visit wikia where you can find small communities of fans of a movie or a video game.
I know its not much but all of these sites have A LOT of content so I never get bored. I hope you guys have enjoyed it!

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