The Je Suis Charlie Thing

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This has been on the news for weeks but I decided to talk about it just now – mainly because of the fuss around it and because I wanted to read as many news as I could, I didn’t wanted to talk without knowing what I was actually saying was correct.

More than 10 people died in a terrorist attack – correct

Even if only 1person died, it would still be a terrorist attack – correct

There are some asian organizations that are willing to continue their jihad, even if that depends on killing pretty much everyone except those who follow these certain ‘laws’ – correct

Charlie Hebdo makes fun of everything and everyone without any kind of exception – correct

While no one seemed to care about what they made fun of, these terrorists got offended – correct

Yet no one has the right to take someone else’s life – correct

There are a lot of ‘Je Suis Charlie’ going on there but guess what? You’re not Charlie. You’re not unless you stand and fight for media freedom. You’re not Charlie unless you’re righteous and impartial. I really don’t care about the religious part of the drama, I just wanted to make you guys think that these attacks could have been made even by christians or jewish. I don’t care. What it matters is the fact that the world is getting more and more sensitive and I don’t find rational at all people who say ‘they deserved it, they were playing with religion’. So? You probably play with feelings. You probably play with school when the government is spending thousands of euros in your education. You probably play with your parents by lying to them. You probably even play with religion, saying some dirty jokes about nuns. Everyone plays and has the right to – just because someone doesn’t agree with your opinion, doesn’t mean you should be dead or you should deserve that kind of death. Democracy means having freedom and if you want that, you’ll have to handle it; even if it means hearing some things you won’t like. But guess what?  You have told 100000 times stuff that might have hurt someone else. And that person didn’t kill you, did he?

I’m not Charlie but I hope I’ll be one day.


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