A symphony of lipsticks

20150116_132501I’ll confess – I’m a lipstick girl, more than I probably should! I should probably invest more in other lip products, such as lip liners which I miserably fail in being interested on (even though I know they make all the difference). I was in a ‘no-clutter’ session in my bedroom and found these 5 samples from Avon and knew straight again I was going to use them all. Avon lipsticks are really creamy and smooth and their formula is medium lasting (even without lip liner).

The lipsticks shown (in the right order) are: Silky Peach, a very orange-ish colour but not that bright; Show Business, a berry-red which I absolutely adore since it’s not that dark and it does have a few red in it. Next, there’s Sparkling Nude that it’s barely impossible to see through the pic since my skin tone is rather dark – it’s a soft brown with sparkles and I use it with my Nude Lips by Maybeline to add more colour. We also have Lava Love, it’s a great strong red, not to bright yet pretty consistent and easy to work with. Lastly, my favourite – Wne with Everything. It’s a perfect fuschia, in my opinion: it has more purple than pink and it’s such an unique colour.. totally deserves my love.

20150116_131329[1] 20150116_131710[1] 20150116_131840 20150116_132057 20150116_132304 20150116_132342So what do you guys think about these colours? And About Avon products?




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