2 Outfits to share

I take too many outfits photos, I have to confess. I just feel more confident everytime I do it and each photo I take, I learn something new – new ways to pose, to balance the light… I do like photography and mixing it with fashion couldn’t get any better. This 2015 I really want to post more about clothing, what I enjoy using and feel you might enjoy too! Well, I’m just going to show you my picks for this post!

These two outfits are weird but I like them. The first one is i-do-like-sneakers-and-thug-life-and-animes. Yes, I do have those days and I try to make my fangirling moments more wearable instead of going full mode.

10708174_739983849408596_313096808_n 10726789_739983882741926_1933941224_n 10735744_739983812741933_1359787401_nThe second one is oh-my-god-I’m-sick-why-am-I-doing-in-the-middle-of-the-street look. I just wanted to look confortable but not using my pijamas and this is what I came up with: a lace dress with a black leather jacket… And the scarf my granny made me. It’s awkward and seems wrong, I know, but I feel like you always go right with a black leather jacket. Even with the scarf your granny made for you.

10805278_755851337821847_1121419094_n 10808034_755851331155181_1275713889_n 10814187_755851324488515_677719353_n 10816176_755851321155182_975897385_nSo what do you guys think about these outfits? Do you ever have that crazy day when you wear clothes that are quite random?



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