Life, dreams and National Geographic


Hello everyone, Luis here and today I want to talk with you guys about something very important: dreams. Your dreams. Everyone has dreams that they want to acomplish and it may sometimes be hard because of your ordinary life routine.

I will talk about my dream in particular: as some of you may know, I study informatic and one dream that I would LOVE to acomplish is to make my very own video game.

Now here is where the biscuit starts cooking: my degree is one of the best to make a video game and all of my friends are also studying in the same field as me. A few weeks ago me and my best friend started our very own project! We are going slowly but steady since we have a story in mind and we just have to put it on track.

The theme of this post is more precisely about following your dreams at your lives PACE. I wanted to be a reporter for National Geographic above everything else but unfortunaly I did not make it into biology so I changed my sight to my next goal: my own video game. It is perfect because that’s my field of study and all my friends can be a part of it. However, I didn’t forgot my first goal. One day, I might go back to college and study biology as I wanted, I may not make it to National Geographic but at least I know I tried.
So please, please keep this always in mind: just because you aren’t in the right direction to your dream it doesn’t mean that you must forget it; life is a rollercoaster afterall and you may just go back to your original idea sooner than you think.

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