DIY: Desktop Calendar

Hello painters!
Ângela asked if you liked the expression “painters”, but since no one has said anything against it… I’m going to keep on using it! 😉

Today, I thought I’d show you something I made last year! It’s cheap, easy to make and very pretty – a small desktop calendar, made from an old CD case and a printable calendar. I know, it sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Well, it really isn’t! Here’s what mine looked like last year:


Last year, I used this free printable calendar by Clemence from the blog Oh the lovely things. But guess what? She has also posted one for 2015! And it looks just as adorable! The patterns she used are incredibly sweet, I just loved them.

Oh, but I haven’t told you how I did it yet! It’s incredibly simple!

1. Find an old (but in decent shape!) CD case. Then, very carefully, take the front part off of the hinges. Turn the front part around and put it back in the hinges. Put the back part down on your desk. Now the front part is supposed to stay almost upright, but leaning back a little bit – like in the picture above!

2. Download the free printable calendar from Oh the lovely things. Each month is going to be its own image, so open a Word document and paste all of the images in there. Now use the Crop tool (Picture tools > Format) to crop the image into a square. Measure your CD case to make sure you are getting the measurements right. I would recommend 12×12 cm.

3. Print the document and use a utility knife to cut it to size, like this:


4. Mark birthdays, holidays and other special dates on your calendar and put one month at a time in the front part of the CD case. You can store the other months underneath the bottom part of the case.

5. Look how fabulous your desk looks! And organized as well. Who said you can’t have it all?

I hope you enjoyed this small DIY for the new year!

Stay awesome,



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