Paint me Sunday – A Life Update

Hello painters! (do you like this expression?) Long time since I’ve written a Paint me Sunday, I have to confess I missed it. I always have to wait for a sunday and sometimes I have other scheduled post or I simply don’t have time to write (although this year things will be different!) 😦

A few days ago me and Luís celebrated our year and half anniversary. We spent the afternoon wandering in Gaia and getting lost. After a few strolls near the river, we decided to snack in a coffeeshop where I tried some macarons and unfortunately didn’t like them that much. Still, it was a pleasant day and I recieved a pair of yellow roses, which is a plus!

The days have been spent between studying and doing things that I love but I don’t do that often because of college? You know, those things that you never do? Like finding books on your shelves that you had forgotten or dancing a bit. Or making yoga (starting to do yoga almost everyday, wow). With all this free time-yet-not-so-free I’ve been also reading blog posts and getting inspired for Paint Me Yellow too – I already have a few posts ahead and that’s a relief, really. Knowing I can spend 2-3days without coming here and knowing everything is okay… God bless scheduled posts.

I’ve been also trying to share my writing more – I don’t talk about it that often but I’ve published a book and although I made a contract with an editor, I feel incredibly lonely on the process. I have to do almost all the calls, posters… It’s being a difficult process and sometimes I lose hope. I just have to continue fighting for my dream – to inspire people with my writing.

Enough of talking, I’ll just show you guys some pics of the passing days!

20150103_155053 20150103_155823 20150103_160157 20150103_160447 20150103_160454 20150103_160549 20150103_160854 20150103_163416 -xx



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