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Do you know what Christmas means? It means gifts. Lots of gifts. I bought some of these but I still see them as gifts (although I kind of needed them). After some weeks of your using, I decided to give you guys a catch up of these products. Let’s get started?

Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On (9€): Well, this was such a disappointment. I have dark circles that get worse during college classes and decided that I should try to get rid of them before classes start – to look fresh and revitalized. Well… I don’t look that revitalized right now. I’ve been using for a month and Luís says my dark circles are less defined but they are definitely there and this can’t be due to my sleep routine, since I now sleep at like 8hours per day (whereas during classes I sleep 6-7hours). So yeah – evn if this helped diminish the dark circles, it takes way too much time and you’ll need to have a stable routine. It’s a product I might not buy again.

Avon Clearskin Pore Penetrating Cooling Toner (8€): All my love for skin products goes to this one. This tonic is true love if you have oily skin. It has salicylic acid that helps you curing acne and avoid oily and shinny skin (yuck) during the day. If you have dry skin,this isn’t the product for you since its substances are rather strong.

Bonté foaming cleanser (4€): No,I’ve never used a cleanser made of foam in my life before and that’s why I bought a really cheap one. I’m used to strong and rather harming products and washing my face with foam didn’t seem workable at all. Well,it appears that it actually is! It’s not as strong as my last cleanser (which was from Uriage) and my face will start getting greasy at 6/7pm but it’s still a great product for days when my skin is sensitive. The only nay on this cleanser is the smell – a little too citric-lemony  maybe?

Miss Cole Hot Topic Bath/Shower and Lipgloss Set (10€): This is a mediocre set – not terrible yet not awesome. The lipgloss is an intense fuschia which I really enjoy and use on top of a lipstick and the body lotion is actually good, not marvellous but it does smell nice and it does moisturize my skin. The problem is the shower gel…God I never thought I would actually have a shower gel that makes me unconfortable. It has no smell, its consistency is weird and it leaves my body rather sticky?? Really weird.

La Rive Woman (12€): Lastly, this set of perfume and deodorant. I have to confess I’m rather impressed with the quality of this products! The perfume is just the type of scent I like – not strong, rather soft and tropical type, with a floral trace. What I really love is the deodorant. I’m allergic to the typical deodorants but this doesn’t affect me, it smells really good and makes my skin breathe. I do sweat but I feel protected by the deodorant. Totally recommend it!

So what do you guys think about these products? Have you ever tried one of these? I hope you’ll find these reviews useful!



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