Talking about intimacy


I know this might be a weird topic to talk about but I felt like I should actually talk about it. I’ve recently had a few health problems regarding my intimate life and body yes it was awkward to talk about it to my doctor; after the appointment I just thought I was being a child and pudic when we should look at it like something normal and an ordinary part of our body. Yes, it’s private but it has its needs and specificities and despite the embarassment I do want to talk about that and help other girls that might be on this situation too. And this is important also for the boys: if you have/had a girlfriend or have any type of physical relationship…It also applies to you.

*Having an urinary infection is quite easy and can appear for loads of reasons. Don’t try to cure it alone, go to the doctor;

*Also, having a vaginal infection is more complicated than it seems. It can be caused by an urinary infection or by candidiasis (or other reasons but these are the typical ones). Candidiasis isn’t the end of the world – you can have it in different parts of your body;

*If you’re feeling itchy or unconfortable and you don’t have a medical appointment, there are a lot of ointments that are appropriate. I always use Canesten and it works just fine. The ointment comes with some type of ‘injections’ where you put the lotion – don’t put it unless the doctor advises you to do so. Using the lotion outside it’s fine but on the inside can be useless and you’re creating a resistance to a medication; what can happen? When you’ll need, your body won’t recieve it. Don’t forget – even though it’s an ointment, it’s still a medicine;

*If you’re having sexual relations and you have candidiasis, your partner will probably have it to. Again, not the end of the world, just explain the situation and make the treatment together (normally 5-7days);

*Cotton panties might be your best friends. Pick light colours – less pigmented panties means they don’t have so much chemical products in it;


*Wash yourself and exchange your intimate clothing as much as you need! What it really matters is your confort and health;

*Speaking of cleaning/washing, you have to wash ALWAYS with ph neutral products. The ones that I use are from Corine de Farm and Lactacyd – the last one is better yet it’s more expensive. You can also use wet tissues, if they are appropriate;

*Above all, what really matters is your health being. Try to find some support on your partner, family or doctor.

I hope you guys found this useful and feel free to ask questions!

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